Gold Fish is a cord-word of Few terrorist who plans big operation in India. They plan to kidnap a ruling party Minister’s daughter in order to save guard their leader Ghazi Baba. Ghazi Baba role was rendered by Popular writer Abburi Ravi and Manoj Nandhan plays as active Terriost. Hero Adhi Sai Kumar played Military Officer role. Karthik Raju, Parvathesham, Sasha Chettri and Nithya Naresh played the main lead roles. Rao Ramesh, Anish Kuruvella and Manoj Nandhan will be seen in important roles. Sai Kiran Adivi directed this gripping thriller under Vinayakudu Talkies banner. The film is released on 18th October, 2019.

Terrorist leader Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) will be caught live by Indian Army Force. He will be jailed and Court prove him guilty and declare him to hang till death. Ghazi Baba’s team who led by Farooz (Manoj Nandhan) plans a Gold fish Operation. The Gold fish plan is to kidnap Minister’s (Rao Ramesh) daughter to blackmail the Governament. How Our Army Force Jawaan (Aadhi Sai Kumar) deals with them is rest of the story.

Aadhi Sai Kumar is very fresh in military Jawaan get up. He looks new in that role and he fit the kill. His body language, Attitude, power packed fights and his costumes suits him. More or less, Aadhi’s character is very different from his previous roles.

Young actors Karthik Raju, Parvathesham, Sasha Chettri and Nithya Naresh delivered their roles with ease. Rao Ramesh did important role and Young actor Manoj Nandhan did crucial role.
Writer Abburi Ravi did very important role in this film. Whole movie revolves around him and delivered it with ease. Others did as required.

The concept of the film is very fresh and screenplay is gripping. The background score will lift this film to next level. Dialogues are very gripping and patriotic dialogues will give you goose bumps. Cinematography gives us crystal clear visuals and locations are in sync with the film.

Operation Gold Fish is a gripping thriller with contemporary story line. The Kashmiri Issue is happening and Article 370 is withdrawn. The film talks about Kashmiri Pandits and their freedom. More or less, this film will give boost to youth audience. 

Youth audience will love this film as it is filled with patriotism. Operation Gold Fish is gripping thriller. Go and Watch it.


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