Manchu Kurise Velalo is a cute love story film starring Ram Karthik and Pranali in main lead roles. Shravan Bharadwaj composed music and Bala Bodepudi directed and produced this film. Movie released on 28th December, 2018. Check the review below…

Ram Karthik is a part time Radio Jockey and a degree student. He falls in love with his class mate Pranali. After knowing one another, Ram Karthik propose her but she shocking says that she has someone else in her life. Who is that other person and what happens to Ram Karthik’s love story is rest of the film.
Ram Karthik is good in his role. He plays a boy next door and he perfectly blended in the role. Pranali is cute. She got two different shades to perform and she rendered them with perfection. Others did as required.
As the film is cute love story, the locations and photography are very rich and trendy.  Cinematographers, Tirughana and Praveen Kumar captured beautiful locations and played vital roles to get grander look to the film. Music director Praveen Bharadwaj composed beautiful songs. Story is routine but twist point is very gripping. Dialogues are strong and poetry dialogues are very melodious. Screenplay is very interesting and entertaining. Director Bala Bodepudi captured every scene as a poet.
Manchu Kurise Velalo is a poetic film with many heart touching emotions. Actors performance, locations, visuals, music, poetic dialogues and climax makes this film worth watching.
Manchu Kurise Velalo is a cute love story film, young couple will love it. Whole family can watch this film together. Give a try.
Rating : 3/5


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