Raj Kandukuri is one of the success Producers in Tollywood Film Industry. Films like Pelli Choopulu brought him name and fame. His is an Red Carpet for New comers and he always welcome New Talent. Now, under his Production House, Dharmapatha Creations, He bankrolled Chusi Chudangane film Introducing his own son Shiva Kandukuri in lead role. The film is New-Age Love story with fun filled dialogues and emotional scenes. A New comer, Female director Sesha Sindhu Rao directed his Rom Com entertainer. The film is released on 31st January, 2020. Check the review below…

Siddhu (Shiva Kandukuri) wants to become a Fashion Photographer but his typical Middle class parents force him to join Mechanical Engineering. He falls in love with Asihwarya (Malavika) in College but she break his heart. As time passes, Siddhu becomes a Marriage Photographer. While he is busy clicking Marriage photos, He sees Shruthi (Varsha) and falls in love with her. While both seeing each other, Siddhu comes to know shocking truth about Shruthi. What is that shocking truth and how do they patch up is rest of the story.

First of all, Big Congratulation to lady director Sesha Sindhu Rao for coming up with New age Love story film. The film is Very beautifully pictured with comedy punches and family emotions. Director Sesha Sindhu Rao directed it as she she is directing her 50th film. The film is Just perfect. The Music plays another biggest highlight in the film. The songs are very trendy and background score will keep us in engage with the film. Cinematography is pleasant and locations are very natural. Dialogues are good and we can relate ourselves with the film. Screenplay is another highlight in the film. The second half reverse screenplay is just amazing and audiences will be thrilled to see the reverse screenplay. Production values are decent.

Shiva Kandukuri is perfect as Siddhu. His performance, dialogue delivery and acting skills, everything is just perfect. It will be a proud moment for his father Raj Kandukuri. Malavika is gorgeous and she will lure youth audiences for sure. Varsha is a performer and she delivered her role with perfection. Others did as required.

Chusi Chudangane is not just a love story film but it is a family entertainer. The family emotions and their bonding was captured well. The film will entertain both youth and family audiences and it’s a must watch film for Today’s generation. Go and Watch it.  

Rating : 3/5


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